Top Celebrity Home Designs

If you are thinking of doing some remodeling around your home, it might be nice to pull some inspiration from homes of the rich and famous. Here are some home designs that might give you some ideas for your humble abode.

Bundchen and Brady’s chateau-inspired hovel

Calling it a hovel would make you turn your neck, but the LA based house raises eyebrows because of its elephantine size with eco-friendly systems. The remodeling involved installation of solar panels, rainwater-recycling technology, and energy efficient appliances. Can the eight bedroom and six car garage castle still be green? At a cost of $20 million, anything is possible. Adding to the French castle inspired design within the middle of an estate; the house is an architectural trophy.


Larry Hagman massive mansion

There is nothing more outstanding in housing than a 1992 18,000 square foot space. The material and design of the house is outstanding. What stands out about the house is the architectural design that depicts an ancient simple mansion within a modern context. The recently passed actor was also energy efficient in his design choice.


Lisa Ling

Lisa ling is an acclaimed television journalist who hosted the CNN’s documentary “who also has a taste for house concepts”. Her Santa Monica home is based on the Marco DiMaccio concepts. The house is the first carbon-neutral residence within the entire city of Santa Monica. The impeccable workmanship and art concepts of the Santa Monica home are comparable to the ancient churches.


Tricia Helfer heaven

There has not been much about “Battlestar Galactica” celebrity beauty. Probably because she has been taking comfort in her spacious and uniquely designed house. The Canadian native has a house made of straw. The design and structural standing of the house is impeccable. They opted for a straw house that is self sufficient for a glass house.


Ed Begley Jr.

His house would probably get a nod from environmentalists. The remodeling of Ed Begley Jr. is unique because it is ranked as North America’s greenest and most sustainable house. The entrance of the house has a majestic walkway that ushers you into what would stand out to be the glamorous ovation you would get into someone else’s house. The now elderly gentleman built a house with one of the highest roofs from the ground among Hollywood’s homes.


Maybe your home will not end up looking like a celebrity palace, but you can still have a great home design. Start researching yourself, and then consult with a home remodeling specialist to create your own unique home design. Good luck and thanks for reading!


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