Top Celebrity Home Designs

If you are thinking of doing some remodeling around your home, it might be nice to pull some inspiration from homes of the rich and famous. Here are some home designs that might give you some ideas for your humble abode.

Bundchen and Brady’s chateau-inspired hovel

Calling it a hovel would make you turn your neck, but the LA based house raises eyebrows because of its elephantine size with eco-friendly systems. The remodeling involved installation of solar panels, rainwater-recycling technology, and energy efficient appliances. Can the eight bedroom and six car garage castle still be green? At a cost of $20 million, anything is possible. Adding to the French castle inspired design within the middle of an estate; the house is an architectural trophy.


Larry Hagman massive mansion

There is nothing more outstanding in housing than a 1992 18,000 square foot space. The material and design of the house is outstanding. What stands out about the house is the architectural design that depicts an ancient simple mansion within a modern context. The recently passed actor was also energy efficient in his design choice.


Lisa Ling

Lisa ling is an acclaimed television journalist who hosted the CNN’s documentary “who also has a taste for house concepts”. Her Santa Monica home is based on the Marco DiMaccio concepts. The house is the first carbon-neutral residence within the entire city of Santa Monica. The impeccable workmanship and art concepts of the Santa Monica home are comparable to the ancient churches.


Tricia Helfer heaven

There has not been much about “Battlestar Galactica” celebrity beauty. Probably because she has been taking comfort in her spacious and uniquely designed house. The Canadian native has a house made of straw. The design and structural standing of the house is impeccable. They opted for a straw house that is self sufficient for a glass house.


Ed Begley Jr.

His house would probably get a nod from environmentalists. The remodeling of Ed Begley Jr. is unique because it is ranked as North America’s greenest and most sustainable house. The entrance of the house has a majestic walkway that ushers you into what would stand out to be the glamorous ovation you would get into someone else’s house. The now elderly gentleman built a house with one of the highest roofs from the ground among Hollywood’s homes.


Maybe your home will not end up looking like a celebrity palace, but you can still have a great home design. Start researching yourself, and then consult with a home remodeling specialist to create your own unique home design. Good luck and thanks for reading!


Choosing a Roofing Specialist


Getting a new roof or making repairs can be a big investment, so its important you find the right roofing contractor for your needs. Here are some things to look for in a roofing specialist to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

  • Make Sure They’re Legit: A contractor should have a legitimate business name, address, and phone number for their company. Not only will this allow you to check on their legitimacy as a business, but you can check on the company’s previous clients and dealings.
  • Experience is Key: Ask them how long they have been in business. In roofing, a contractor’s experiences can be just at, if not more important than the quality of materials they use. An improperly installed roof will be short-lived and could result in water or structural damage to your home.
  • Get References: Ask the contractor for some professional references, or do a little digging yourself on the internet or through the BBB, Either way, make sure that the specialist’s past performance is up to par with your standards.
  • Paperwork: It’s important to make sure that they licensed contractors and have met all of the legal requirement to do work where you live. Having insurance is also very important. If they do not have adequate workers comp and liability insurance you could be held liable for injuries or medical expenses.
  • Materials: Make sure that the materials the contractor uses are to your standards. Ask about the quality, price, components, anything you have to to make sure you will be happy with your new roof.
  • Employees: Ensure that your contractor’s employees have proper training and experience. Even if your contractor is experienced, that does not guarantee that everyone working on your roof will be and could still lead to an improperly installed roof.
  • Work Ethic: Your contractor should have a good work ethic and be enthusiastic about their work. Finding a contractor that takes pride in their work will increase the chance that the job is done to your liking and everything goes smoothly.
  • Get It in Writing: Get all contracts and guarantees in writing. Contracts should cover the entire project: list of materials, start/end dates, costs etc.

Lastly, make sure that your contractor is simply someone you like and would be able to trust and communicate with. After all, you’re the one shelling out the money, so make sure it is a decision that you are comfortable and happy with. Check out a company like Gopher Roofing & Remodeling for an idea of what you might need in a roofing contractor. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Tips to consider before you remodel

SCC Kitchen Remodeling

Choose the Best Options for Your Remodeling Project

When you are considering a home remodeling project, it is very important to plan appropriately. This ensures that you end up choosing the right materials and getting everything done within your budget. Once you have done the initial checklist, there are a few more things that you should consider before you start tearing down walls. Here are some lesser known tips to consider before beginning your remodeling project.

  1. Don’t Under Design: It is no fun to check out your neighbor’s house and end up seeing the exact same interior design as you have in your home. Everyone likes to have a customized home experience. However, it is important that your design does not stray too far from the designs of the neighborhood. The value of your home can drastically affected. If you under-remodel, then you may end up lagging behind the design curve.
  2. Don’t Over Design: It can be just as bad to go the other direction. If you end up overdoing it and vastly out-designing everyone in a ten mile radius, then you may certainly procure bragging rights. The issues is that your home value will be pulled down since your home is surrounded by those with a lower value. Try to stay within a reasonable distance of your neighborhood when it comes to remodeling.
  3. Triple Check Who Is Doing the Work: The best remodeling professionals will have certifications and an extensive portfolio to show you when you consider working with them. Make sure to evaluate your options for getting the project done multiple times before signing a contract. It can save you money, and get you a better end result for your remodeling project.
  4. Stay With the Times: Some remodeling trends are nothing more than a fad. Make sure that you are not jumping on a remodeling bandwagon when choosing your design. If your remodeling becomes dated, it can end up becoming wasted money down the road. Choose timeless remodeling designs so you will not need to do the job again the next year.

There are so many aspects to consider for your remodeling project, use the steps in this checklist to ensure that you have made the best design decisions for your home. Good luck and thanks or reading!